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Racing fork cartridge with all the adjustments (extension, compression and hydraulic spring preload) collected in the top cap. Hydraulic control FPS system.

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The new Bitubo ECH pressurized cartridge contains a series of innovative systems such as: FPS, EC and LC .

These systems are the result of a long experience of development by the Bitubo department in collaboration with the best teams in the SBK world championship.

LC (Light Components): The massive use of special light alloys have significantly reduced the weight of the fork cartridge.

EC (Easy Changer): This is called a quick setup modification system, thanks to the quick spring change feature and an exclusive cartridge disassembly system with the key supplied, without the need to remove the fork from the motorcycle.
This system makes the set-up change by the technicians on the track much faster.

FPS (Full Pressure System) : It is an abbreviation that embodies the maximum expression of effectiveness and rationality of this patented system.
This innovative damping system was created to have immediate control of the fork oscillations, while avoiding any cavitation phenomenon in the internal fluid.
The system is pressurized with low pressure gas. The cartridges are asymmetrical, one controls the compression phase, while the other controls the extension phase.
By placing the compensation chambers alternating at the two ends, a very high damping coefficient is obtained even at very low speed.

The adjustments of the Bitubo ECH29 fork cartridges, thanks to the possibilities offered by FPS, allow to obtain much better damping curves than the standard forks, in any condition of use.

The aim is to provide the driver with maximum stability of the front axle, perfectly controlling the sinking speed even in the most violent braking sections and, at the same time, an increase in grip during insertion and cornering, thanks to immediate hydraulic control.
There will also be uniform wear of the rubber thanks to the instantaneous control of the applied forces. This gives those who drive maximum braking support even at extreme angles of inclination, as well as ensuring maximum cornering on all types of track.

Technical features:

- Hydraulic system with FPS system (exclusive Bitubo patent) and piston diameter 27 mm in ergal
- Pumping rods diameter 10 mm with anti-friction surface coating
- Mechanical limit switch with polyurethane pad
- CrSi steel springs, with heat treatment, settling process and final shot peening
- Fork top cap with integrated hydraulic spring preload (exclusive Bitubo patent)
- Independent adjustment of compression and rebound damping
- Coaxial clearing chamber (exclusive Bitubo patent)
- Cartridge body in ergal with internal anti-friction surface coating
- Separate hydraulic/sliding lubrication
- 24 click compression
- 24 click extension
- Hydraulic spring preload 12 mm - 6 "turns"

On the upper cap of the cartridge there are all the adjustments, spring preload, for the first time with hydraulic actuation, extension and compression are distinguished in the two cartridges, simple and intuitive.

The package is accompanied by FUCHS-Silkolene Synt Oil with high flowability, for external lubrication, a perfect yield consistency at maximum performance.

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