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Additional injection control unit with self-mapping function equipped with specific Plug & Play wiring.

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The new Rapid Bike EVO control unit is an injection control and management module with self-mapping functions equipped with specific "Plug & Play" wiring, ready for assembly on the original system.

The container is in die-cast aluminum alloy, sealed with epoxy resins to guarantee maximum protection from shocks, vibrations and temperature changes (automotive standard).

The ECU is added to the normal engine management system, between the original ECU on the motorcycle and the injectors.

The EVO unit reads and processes the input signals, and sends the correct and modified signal to the injectors. Depending on the engine rotation speed (rpm) and the throttle opening degree (tps), the unit determines with maximum precision the quantity of fuel to be introduced into the engine, as well as managing other very important functions.

Technical features:


The new Rapid Bike EVO control unit manages up to 8 injectors with the possibility of varying the quantity of fuel introduced (duty cycle) from -100% to + 150%, mapping customization with 320 intervention points, rpm values with 50 rpm steps and advanced functions of the latest generation in the management of maps. It also includes the mapping selection function while driving, by means of a special handlebar selector (optional).

LAMBDA PROBE modulation

The most important novelty of the new Rapid Bike EVO control unit is self-adaptability: the module automatically controls and adjusts the carburetion, through the automatic processing of a correction map that operates while using the motorcycle, always obtaining a fine-tuning perfect, instant by instant.

The connection to the original Lambda probe has two purposes:

- the first is to read the probe signal, to check the air/fuel ratio in real time

- the second purpose is to intervene on the signal sent to the original control unit, "deceiving" the unit present to allow correction of the injection, thus obtaining the best performance

Limiter management

Rapid Bike EVO also allows you to extend the engine speed limiter up to + 1,000 rpm, as well as to eliminate the speed limiter by managing the gear change position signal, if the specific sensor is present (ATTENTION: The engine speed limiter management is not can be used with all motorcycle models. If you want to be sure you can take advantage of these functions, you must communicate the model and year of manufacture of your motorcycle for verification).

Quickshifter management

The cut-off times can be modified according to the number of revolutions and the gear position, if the specific sensor is present (see the application list)
Possibility of interacting, via CAN line, with optional peripherals or for reading the motor operating parameters.

Description of functionality for limiters management

The existing limiters on motorcycles limit the engine rotation speed and, in some cases, the reachable speed. The new EVO control unit allows to move the intervention threshold of the speed limiter.

For the speed limiter, on motorcycles equipped with a gear change position sensor (highlighted on the application list), the EVO control unit modulates the signal so that it results in a gear in which the speed limitation is not operative (for example in fourth gear).

ATTENTION : The injection control units allow to obtain an increase in engine performance, therefore it is not allowed to use it on roads open to traffic, but only in closed circuits.

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